Big lot discount

THStakePool appreciates all delegators. Special shoutout is given to large delegators who help secure blockchain technology. As a token of appreciation, a delegator with total staked tokens larger than the required level receives fee discount.

Current nominal fee: 4.5%


Band protocol

Band Protocol
50,000 Band or more

Fee adjustment: -3%
Current effective fee: 1.5%

The discount is in effect as long as the delegated amount from an address is larger than the required level. If the total delegated amount drops below the required level, the nominal fee is applied.

The discount is tracked off-chain. This is because most blockchains do not support varying levels of fee by the same staking pool. The fee is applied to any rewards you receive from THStakePool. You will be charged the nominal fee on-chain and will receive the fee rebate deposited to your address every 7 days.

For example, if you delegate 50,000 Band with THStakePool and receives a total reward of 600 band. We will rebate you (after 7 days)

Fee rebate = (1- Effective fee/Nominal fee) * Total reward.


In this case, you will get a rebate of 400 Band.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about this promotion.